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HIV-Designated States

Requirements Regarding Early Intervention Services

The States whose rate of AIDS is 10 or more per 100,000 individuals* are considered HIV-Designated States, and are required to expend 5% of the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (SAPT) Block Grant award on HIV early intervention services. Designated States are required to establish linkages with a comprehensive services community resource network of related health and social services organizations to ensure a wide-based knowledge of the availability of these services.


There were 22 states in 2009, 23 states in 2008, 24 states in 2007, 24 states in 2006, and
25 states in 2005 that met the criteria and were thus required to submit a plan describing the State’s procedures and activities and the total funds expended or obligated for early intervention services.

Read the SAPT Block Grant Items (PDF) regarding HIV early intervention services to which States responded.

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Cases of HIV Infection and AIDS in the United States and Dependent Areas, 2006; HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, Volume 18. Table 14. Reported AIDS cases and annual rates (per 100,000 population), by area of residence, 2005, 2006, and cumulative—United States and dependent areas. The "Rate" is listed under the "2006" heading of the table at: (321k PDF)