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Program Overview

SAPT Block Grant Program

HIV-Designated States (§96.128 Requirements Regarding HIV)

HIV Early Intervention Services (§96.128 Requirements Regarding HIV)

Funded HIV Early Intervention Services

5% HIV Set-Aside Amount
Fiscal Year Set-Aside Total Total States
FY 2009 $53,831,463 22
FY 2008 $56,760,686 23
FY 2007 $56,359,366 24
FY 2006 $57,824,515 24
FY 2005 $60,865,173 25
HIV Services and Activities Supported with the Set-Aside, FY 2008
Activity Number of States*
*23 HIV-Designated States including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
HIV Rapid Testing
(State Funds for HIV Rapid Testing)
Funds Rapid Testing
(SAPT Funds for HIV Rapid Testing)
HIV Testing 16
Pre- and Post-Test Counseling 22
Referral Services 20
Risk Assessment 17
HIV/AIDS Education 16
1 Outreach 10

How Are Services Provided?

1 Outreach activities for early intervention services may be supported with SAPT funds for outreach to intravenous drug users required under Section 1923(b) of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act or State funds.

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